Perfect Patchwork Templates Set O

Perfect Patchwork Templates Set O

Marti Michell

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5 pieces, 6-inch center. makes a 19 5/8-inch finished block.

Now this long-time favorite pattern can be made with Perfect Patchwork Template ease and accuracy! This variation is an all-time favorite; it's beautiful alone, but can be enhanced by filling the center square with other patchwork blocks. Our sizes may seem unusual, but there is good reason.

Most of the blocks in our Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 1, and at least half of the blocks in Volume 3 , can be made to finish at 6"--thus Set O, with its convenient 6" center square.

And why an 8 1/2" center for Set P? Guess what - Nearly every block in Volume 1 can be made 8 1/2" if you own both Set A and Set B. It gets even better: A large percentage of Volume 4 blocks can be made 8 1/2" with Set L templates.