About us

It all began years ago before I was even 10 years old. Spending time with my grandmother was one of my favorite things to do. I still remember the day she gave me an old shoebox filled with squares of fabric and a needle with thread. I thought I could create anything with that little box of fabric! A short time later my great Aunt Retta sat me down at her old, black, treadle sewing machine and taught me how to make a straight seam. Numerous trips to Hayes Hardware store in Hornbeak, Tennessee supplied the fabric needed for all my numerous ideas, including aprons for everyone at Christmas. Noticing my love for fabric and sewing my Daddy told me he would buy any fabric, pattern, thread, etc. that I wanted as long as I completed the project before asking for more. I was hooked.

With numerous sewing and quilting projects under my belt, including making bridesmaid dresses form my daughters, I have come to the realization that what I truly enjoy is creating with cotton fabric! Finding different fabrics, studying the color and texture, imagining just the right pattern or project, stitching the pieces together and then getting it quilted is all part of the fun and equally satisfying. I was recently asked what part of quilting I like best and I have to say I love it all, even stitching down the binding!

Since that day long ago when I was handed that box of fabric, I have often dreamed of having my own quilt shop. Throughout the years my husband has waited patiently more times than we can count as we traveled across the good old USA and I would just have to find the local shop and take home a “souvenir”. (If you are a quilter I’m sure you understand.) Several months ago we were out on another excursion and took a little road trip to check out a shop I had read about in one of my magazines. That shop was the most beautiful shop I have ever been inside and when we left I just could not stop thinking about it. After returning home I was telling my daughter once again about my dream of owning a shop. Suddenly she said, “Mom, I know what you should do. Open your own Quilt Shop on line. See how it goes and maybe someday you will have a brick and mortar shop.” She even agreed to help so I couldn’t resist!

So today, I am pleased to welcome you to “EllaKates Quilt Shoppe”! The shop’s name, “EllaKates” is a combination of my two granddaughters names, Ella and Katie. I hope you enjoy “EllaKates” and personally benefit from the Quilt Shoppe, “Where Legacies Unfold”!